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Draw A Dragon Contest

By 22


So you've heard we're releasing VSQ Performs Imagine Dragons later this month . . .  We're celebrating in the best way we know how: A GIVEAWAY Not just any giveaway either. This is a drawing contest. A DRAGON drawing contest, mind you. Here's how it works: You may draw your dragon on whichever medium you so desire; be it on paper with gel pens, perhaps on your mobile device via Snapchat, or even using pudding and a wall. Whatever you want! One winner who draw the greatest dragons (judged by the VSQ label team) will receive a full download of our upcoming release VSQ Performs Imagine Dragons PLUS we'll throw in our string rendition of Game of Thrones "Main Title" from Geek Wedding juuust because it'd feel wrong not to. Send in your drawings to by June 15 8PM PT to qualify to win. Our winner will be announced on June 16th. Share your drawing on Twitter and Instagram with #ImagineVSQDragons for extra entries.

Alright - ready your drawing pencils, peasants! DRAW!

Here are some samples of our own to ignite your fiery creativity: billdragodz durgenkyle Read official contest rules here.    

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