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VSQ Live at Troubadour Reviews

By 23

Check out a couple reviews from our show at the Troubadour February 5th, 2014 below! L.A. Record Daily Trojan

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VSQ Live at the Troubadour

By 23

Announcing VSQ live at the Troubadour in Los Angeles on February 5th.

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Rock Star Hobbies

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David Lovering, Pixies Drummer and Performing Magician

Pixies drummer by night, The Scientific Phenomenalist by day, David Lovering defies preconceived notions of rock stardom. While at times his performances are more scientific than magical, more comedic than awe-inspiring, Lovering knows how to intrigue and humor audiences. He does extraordinary tricks with simple props, which range from smoke and pickles to a chair and Jack in the Box antenna ball. In any case, it’s nice to see a drummer finally getting the spotlight for a change. Roger Daltrey, The Who Singer and Trout Farmer Many know that The Who frontman was in such films as Tommy and The Kids Are Alright – but Underwater World of Trout, Vol. 1? Yes, that’s right – when charismatic rock god Roger Daltrey isn’t selling out stadiums on tour, he likes to relax by doing a bit of trout farming. He even designed and built his very own trout farm, Lakedown Trout Fishery, in England about 30 years ago (which can be seen on Underwater World of Trout, Vol. 1). "When I go fishing," Daltrey claims, "I come away feeling like I've smoked half a dozen joints." Well, that’s enough to inspire any young trout farming enthusiast. Bill Wyman, Rolling Stone Bassist and Treasure Hunter Roger Daltrey’s hobby isn’t the only documentary star – ex-Rolling Stone Bill Wyman was in a short video, too: one about metal detecting. "Metal detecting is not just for anoraks or eccentrics; it's probably the best and most enjoyable way of learning about our history," he declares on his site. Wyman even has his own signature metal detector - so that’s where Keith Richards gets all of his jewelry. Maynard James Keenan, Tool Vocalist and Winemaker When Maynard James Keenan moved from Los Angeles to Jerome, Arizona, he not only found a lower-key lifestyle, but also fertile ground for his newfound hobby: winemaking. You might think this strange, but wine is in the man’s blood – not from the party last night, but years ago when his great-grandparents made wine somewhere in pre-World War II northern Italy. So naturally, Keenan opened a winery and vineyards and went to town. It’s even said that Puscifer’s latest release, "The Conditions of My Parole," was recorded in part among barrels at Keenan’s winery.

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Them Crooked Vultures Set Up Benefit Show

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Eagles Of Death Metal bassist Brian O’Connor

The members of Them Crooked Vultures have announced a Benefit gig for Eagles Of Death Metal bassist Brian O’Connor, who was recently diagnosed with cancer. The musician is currently being taken care of in Los Angeles and will be undergoing chemo treatment shortly. Since O’Connor has no health insurance, members for several bands jumped into action after hearing the news. Members of Eagles of Death Metal, Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures and Rage Against The Machine, all currently on tour in different locations have made plans to help their friend. Them Crooked Vultures announced a July 5th show in London at the Brixton Academy, in the midst of their European tour. There will also be an LA show as well, but details are still forthcoming. Eagles of Death Metal will be dedicating all tour dates in their schedule to O’Connor’s cause. Dean Fertita from Dead Weather and QOTSA is slated to replace O’Connor on EODM's dates this week in Toronto, Santa Cruz, and San Francisco. Another musician is planned to help out on the rest of EODM tour dates until he returns. A statement from O’Connor was recently released: “In regards to my current health situation, with the remarkable support and love from my amazing friends and family, I am receiving the best medical and moral attention one could ask for. I cannot thank everyone enough for their continued support and involvement. I am excited for my full recovery and look forward to getting back to what I love most, melting face with my bass. I'm feeling great, after all, I am half unicorn. Keep ya posted.” If you’re interested in helping out, visit: Recommended Listening: Strung Out On Foo Fighters (EP) Strings For The Deaf: The String Quartet Tribute to QUEENS of the STONE AGE String Quartet to Led Zeppelin

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