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From the Vault: Queens and the Stones (and Dave Grohl)

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Looks like Dave Grohl won't just be twiddling his thumbs while Foo Fighters is on hiatus. Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme announced Tuesday on BBC Radio 1 that his musical soul mate and buddy Dave Grohl will be picking up his drum sticks and joining the band to record on QOTSA’s upcoming album. There's no official release date for the record as of late, but it's expected to drop sometime next year. This isn't the first time Grohl has teamed up with Homme, though. In 2002, Grohl manned the drums for their breakout release Songs for the Deaf and later in 2009, the pair joined forces to form Them Crooked Vultures, recruiting John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin to fill out the supergroup's roster. So it goes without saying that the duo are able to produce some pretty remarkable tunes together. During the BBC Radio 1 interview, Homme affirmed saying, "[Grohl] and I have this wonderful musical relationship which we don't have with other people. It's a very cool and comfortable position." It's rumored that Dave might even accompany Queens of the Stone Age on tour to promote the release, but like we said rumored. We'll keep our fingers crossed for now.

While we patiently await more news from the QOTSA crew, join us in taking these VSQ tributes to Queens of the Stone Age out for a spin:


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