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Vitamin String Quartet Reimagines the Singular Artistry of Björk

Icelandic icon Björk is a truly unique talent in the world of music.

VSQ is passionate about Vitamin String Quartet Performs Björk; their truly mesmerizing new album is due for release on April 19th, paying tribute to her eclectic, ethereal and innovative style.

The 13-track set features creative violin, viola and cello arrangements, captivating the chanteuse’s innovative artistry on reimagined versions of “Venus as a Boy,” “All Is Full of Love,” and “Hyper-ballad.” To celebrate the creation of Vitamin String Quartet Performs Björk, VSQ and CMH Label Group have collaborated with a broad range of directors from around the world, to produce a series of videos to compliment the beauty of VSQ’s music and honor Björk’s rich musical and visual heritage. In “Venus as a Boy” we’re taken to a monochrome land of shape-shifting characters in a poignant tale. We travel through a 3-dimensional universe of bizarre situations for “Wanderlust.” “Crystalline” takes us on a crazy, colorful and hypnotic animation trip, with violins! “All Is Full of Love” tells a tale of rebirth and reawakening, while “Hyper-ballad" captures VSQ recording the song with ever-shifting colored split screens. The powerful visuals will be a reflection of the beautiful music created by VSQ for their collection, honoring the world of Björk.

“Venus as a Boy” Single release : 3/22/2019
Record Store Day Exclusive Vinyl release : 4/13/2019
Digital Album release : 4/19/2019

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Track List:

  1. New World
  2. Human Behaviour
  3. Pagan Poetry
  4. Venus as a Boy
  5. Army of Me
  6. Hunter
  7. Wanderlust
  8. Crystalline
  9. Hyper-ballad
  10. Jóga
  11. Tabula Rasa
  12. All Is Full of Love
  13. Atom Dance

"Venus as a Boy" Music Video

"Hyper-ballad" Music Video

"Wanderlust" Music Video

"Crystalline" Music Video

"Hyper-ballad (Half Time Bass Remix)" Music Video

"Venus as a Boy (Acid House in Ruins Remix)" Music Video

Vitamin String Quartet: Who we are and what we do

VSQ performs cutting edge renditions of the hits of today and beyond. Erasing boundaries between classical, dance, hip-hop and pop, VSQ has covered acts ranging from Ed Sheeran to XXXTENTACION, Lady Gaga to BLACKPINK and Kanye West to John Williams. Praised by the likes of Buzzfeed, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, New York Observer, Consequence of Sound, Nerdist and more, VSQ has released 300+ albums, accumulated more than 500 million streams, almost 4 million downloads, over 1 million physical units and averages more than 600k monthly listeners on Spotify. VSQ has also earned numerous Billboard chartings and prominent placements in TV (HBO’s Westworld, Showtime’s Shameless, and others) and film.

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