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VSQ Björk

Vitamin String Quartet Reimagines the Singular Artistry of Björk

Vitamin String Quartet are passionate fans of Björk's work, both as a musician and in the realm of art, design and multi-media. Their upcoming album, VSQ Performs Björk, is a testament to the quartet's admiration. The 13-track release features skillful and enchanting string arrangements, with reimagined takes on tracks including "Venus as a Boy," "All Is Full of Love," and "Wanderlust."

The album is to be released on April 19, with a limited vinyl pre-release set exclusively for 4/13, as part of Record Store Day. To celebrate, VSQ is collaborating with a broad range of directors from around the world, producing a series of videos honoring Björk's rich musical and visual heritage. In "Venus as a Boy" we are taken to a monochrome land of shape-shifting creatures. We travel through a bizarre, 3-dimensional universe in "Wanderlust." "Crystalline" takes us on a crazy, colorful animation trip, while "Hyper-ballad" captures VSQ recording the song with ever-shifting colored split screens.

Along with the video releases and the Record Store Day package, VSQ is also celebrating the album with a remix EP that finds up-and-coming electronic artist Big Chocolate remixing 5 select songs from the album. That EP will come out late May, and VSQ is aiming to also have a video for that release.

VSQ is honored to share their work with Björk and would love any support or feedback from the revered artist, herself, as it would be the perfect culmination to this creative journey.

Music Video Compilation

"Venus as a Boy" Single release : 3/22/2019
Record Store Day Exclusive Vinyl release : 4/13/2019
Digital Album release : 4/19/2019