Say Your Prayers Little One: VSQ Performs Metallica

Say Your Prayers Little One: VSQ Performs Metallica

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Release Date: 9/11/2001

Metallica’s thundering drums, heart-pounding guitars and anguished vocals speak to anyone who has felt lost in the manic hustle of modern society. Yet at the same time the band’s haunting melodies and epic sound recall the echoing cathedrals of the middle ages. Like the band itself, Vitamin Records’ Say Your Prayers Little One: The String Quartet Tribute to Metallica merges the ancient and modern worlds. Violin and viola wrap around Metallica’s aching melodies while cello and bass growl beneath, propelling each classic song with power and poignancy. Featuring classics such as “Unforgiven,” “Enter Sandman,” and “Fade to Black,” Say Your Prayers Little One: VSQ Performs Metallica masterfully fuses the dark ages of the past with the dark days of today.

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01 - Enter Sandman, 02 - Ride the Lightning, 03 - One, 04 - Master of Puppets, 05 - Unforgiven, 06 - Wherever I May Roam, 07 - Through the Never, 08 - And Justice For All, 09 - Hero of the Day, 10 - Fade to Black, 11 - Nothing Else Matters