VSQ Performs Alice in Chains

VSQ Performs Alice in Chains

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Release Date: 3/24/2009

VSQ Performs Alice in Chains is a collection of relentless instrumentals that warm the lifeblood of the band’s biggest songs. The lush resonance of violins, viola, and cello create a sonic swirl of power and grace. Alice in Chains are known to be ferociously inventive and this tribute equally has its own bite.


01 - Got Me Wrong, 02 - Man in the Box, 03 - Would?, 04 - No Excuses, 05 - Rooster, 06 - I Stay Away, 07 - Sea of Sorrow, 08 - Again, 09 - Them Bones, 10 - We Die Young, 11 - Down in a Hole, 12 - Heaven Beside You