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The String Quartet Tribute to Linkin Park's Meteora

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Release Date: 8/29/2006

With its emotional power and broad, sweeping arrangements, Meteora solidified Linkin Park’s reputation as one of the biggest bands in music. The String Quartet Tribute to Linkin Park’s Meteora paints a pitch-perfect homage to this career-making album. Decks, drums, and guitars have been traded in for viola, violin and cello. The power and the beauty of this record are translated into sweeping orchestral arrangements by a simple, yet dynamic, string quartet. These instrumental interpretations are an absolute must-have for every fan of Linkin Park and their revolutionary, sophomore release. 

01 - Foreword, 02 - Don't Stay, 03 - Somewhere I Belong, 04 - Lying From You, 05 - Hit the Floor, 06 - Easier to Run, 07 - Faint, 08 - Figure 09, 09 - Breaking the Habit, 10 - From the Inside, 11 - Nobody's Listening, 12 - Session, 13 - Numb