VSQ Performs Linkin Park's Meteora

VSQ Performs Linkin Park's Meteora

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Release Date: 8/29/2006

With its emotional power and broad, sweeping arrangements, Meteora solidified Linkin Park’s reputation as one of the biggest bands in music. VSQ Performs Linkin Park’s Meteora paints a pitch-perfect homage to this career-making album. Decks, drums, and guitars have been traded in for viola, violin and cello. The power and the beauty of this record are translated into sweeping orchestral arrangements by a simple, yet dynamic, string quartet. These instrumental interpretations are an absolute must-have for every fan of Linkin Park and their revolutionary, sophomore release. 

01 - Foreword, 02 - Don't Stay, 03 - Somewhere I Belong, 04 - Lying From You, 05 - Hit the Floor, 06 - Easier to Run, 07 - Faint, 08 - Figure 09, 09 - Breaking the Habit, 10 - From the Inside, 11 - Nobody's Listening, 12 - Session, 13 - Numb