Third Eye Open: VSQ Performs Tool

Third Eye Open: VSQ Performs Tool

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Release Date: 9/11/2001

Third Eye Open: VSQ Performs Tool, brings together some of the hottest string players giving us their beautifully mastered renditions of “Schism”, the all-out assault of “The Grudge”, and the dark yet humorous hopes in “Ænema” all encompassing the wide array of Tool’s music that is their soul. This album delivers their solemn and sinister message through string instruments that can be warm and welcoming at one moment, and cold and distant at another. Charged with the emotional equivalent of human experience hand delivered through each note and chord, Third Eye Open: VSQ Performs Tool is a totally new interpretation of the music that has developed into the masterpiece that is Tool.

01 - Sober, 02 - Intolerance, 03 - The Grudge, 04 - The Patient, 05 - Opiate, 06 - Hush, 07 - Schism, 08 - Ticks and Leeches, 09 - Aenema, 10 - Pushit