VSQ Performs A Perfect Circle

VSQ Performs A Perfect Circle

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The brainchild of Tool vocalist Maynard James Keenan, A Perfect Circle is "more than a 'side-project,' it's a musical extension spawning an entire legion of fans unto itself." Although similar to Tool in intensity and melancholy, A Perfect Circle "gears up as something" more melodic, possessing an almost theatrical quality that incorporates frequent strings and unusual instrumentation.

It's precisely these ambient touches and overall haunting beauty that VSQ Performs A Perfect Circle highlights so spectacularly. Played by one of today's most prominent string ensembles, the somber intensity of Keenan's vocals are perfectly captured and elevated to new aching levels. These all new string arrangements will delight and surprise A Perfect Circle fans the world over.

Judith, 3 Libras, The Hollow, Magdalena, Rose, Orestes, Weak and, Powerless, Blue, The Noose, The Outsider, Gravity, Original Composition