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Article: Available Now: VSQ Performs The Music from the Films of Wes Anderson


Available Now: VSQ Performs The Music from the Films of Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson films are about the story and his selective soundtracks play a huge factor. Vitamin String Quartet pays tribute to his intimate unions of film and music as innovative string arrangements of “Needle in the Hay” and “Here Comes My Baby” sweep you back into the deadpan drama. Tracklist
  1. Making Time (String Quartet Tribute to The Creation)
  2. Here Comes My Baby (String Quartet Tribute to Cat Stevens)
  3. Ooh La La (String Quartet Tribute to The Faces)
  4. Heroes and Villains (String Quartet Tribute to The Beach Boys)
  5. Alone Again Or (String Quartet Tribute to Love)
  6. Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard (String Quartet Tribute to Paul Simon)
  7. Where Do You Go To (My Lovely) (String Quartet Tribute to Peter Sarstedt)
  8. These Days (String Quartet Tribute to Nico)
  9. Life on Mars? (String Quartet Tribute to David Bowie)
  10. Staralfur (String Quartet Tribute to Sigur Ros)
  11. Needle in the Hay (String Quartet Tribute to Elliott Smith)

Available now at iTunes

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