Best "Stairway To Heaven" Covers

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Recently, I happened to find a video of Lissie, one of my favorite new singers, covering the classic Led Zeppelin song "Stairway to Heaven." I can remember when I first heard this song back in middle school. My best friends were massive Zep fans, mostly because of older siblings getting them into it. I believe that Wayne’s World had recently come out, with the now classic “No Stairway” scene in which Wayne attempts to play the song in a guitar store. It seemed like this song was a big deal for some reason. I eventually went to the CD store and bought a used copy of IV. The first three songs blew me away, and I was like, how could this other song be much better? Then the slow, meandering intro of “Stairway” began, and I knew immediately that I would be one of the many to fall in love with its gentle and fierce delivery. By the end of the song I remember listening to it another ten times to try and grasp the type of significance this song created back when it came out. It still rings true to many a musician, which is why I located so many well-known acts attempting the epic song. Here are some of the best: Lissie: Heart Dolly Parton (yes, really) Zakk Wylde Mary J. Blige Rodrigo and Gabriella Dave Grohl (doing his best) Jon Brion Frank Zappa And the original, Led Zeppelin at MSG. Oh, and don't forget to check out VSQ's tribute to Led Zeppelin!


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