Coldplay Goes Green

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U.K. sweethearts Coldplay has announced that the band has joined ClientEarth, a non-profit organization that’s designed to help governments and green organizations to implement and put together environmental laws around the planet. The band released a statement to Spinner, stating:
ClientEarth is at the forefront of changing the way the planet’s resources are governed. They have a positive and pragmatic approach to environmental issues, improving and enforcing environmental law. Coldplay are proud to support them.”
ClientEarth recently released the following statement on the band’s support:
To have one of the world’s most successful groups supporting our work is absolutely fantastic,” CEO James Thornton said. “Coldplay have long been strong advocates for environmental issues, and we are extremely pleased that they will continue to speak out for these most important of issues alongside us.”
Coldplay's creative director and fifth member Phil Harvey is already one of ClientEarth's trustees. They also join Brian Eno, the producer of their last album, as well as the MP and former editor of the Ecologist Zac Goldsmith. Brian Eno has said of the organization: “ClientEarth is essential to the green movement[...] to bring governments to account and carve out a new environmental agenda.”


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