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Article: From The Vault Friday: No Doubt


From The Vault Friday: No Doubt

No Doubt fans, rejoice! Last week, the band announced their new album's release date, (the first since 2001,) which is slated for  September 25th.

While we eagerly await the album's arrival, the group is documenting the process of the albums completion with a mini-webseries. You can check out the first installment here, which features snippets of the band recording in producer Spike Stent’s Santa Monica Studio. We’ve got a bit of time on our hands (just a little over four months) so kick back, relax and get stoked for new tunes from No Doubt by listening to VSQ’s renditions of the band's biggest hits.

The String Quartet Tribute to No Doubt: The Singles 1992 - 2003 Available at our Webstore, iTunes and Amazon

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