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Article: From the Vault Friday: White Stripes


From the Vault Friday: White Stripes

After catching wind that Jack White of the White Stripes is set to release a solo album, headline Hangout Music Festival and perform at Sasquatch in Washington, we must say, the man has us all in a bit of a tizzy. So why the long faces? Mr. White was recently quoted in an interview with NME saying there is “absolutely no chance” of a White Stripes reunion. . . Unless both he and Meg concurrently end up bankrupt, which is unlikely. But fear not, fellow mourners. Apparently during his solo sets, Jack’s been peppering in a few White Stripes tunes in addition to his new songs. So between Jack, White Stripes past releases, and our string quartet renditions of the bands' best hits, we'll  never have to go without.

Listen to Vitamin String Quartet's Tribute to White Stripes on Spotiy now!

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