Jason and the Boys

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Have you heard Vitamin String Quartet’s latest release of Jason Mraz covers? It includes Mraz favorites “The Remedy (I Won’t Worry)” and “I’m Yours.” Check it out and then school yourself on the other male singer/songwriters from the early aughts that we dig. Then, let us know which one of these artists you’d most like to hear VSQ cover next. Artist: John Mayer You Know Him For: Becoming the poster boy of the early 2000’s sensitive male singer-songwriter with his two hit albums Room for Squares and Heavier Things, dating and dumping Jennifer Aniston, dating and dumping Jessica Simpson, dating and dumping Taylor Swift, tweeting prolifically and being called one of the greatest blues guitarists of a generation by Rolling Stone. Artist: Howie Day You Know Him For: His 2004 sensitive guy single “Collide” from his well-received (although mostly by females) album Stop All the World Now, for being arrested in 2004 after allegedly locking a female fan in a bathroom after she refused his sexual advances, for touring almost nonstop for five years before releasing 2009’s Stop the World Now, on which he collaborated with artists including KT Tunstall and Jason Mraz. Artist: Jack Johnson You Know Him For: His chilled-out surf rock aesthetic, his 2001 debut album Brushfire Fairytales that spawned the hits “Bubble Toes” and “Flake” , for being a dedicated husband and father who doesn’t let the media run the names of his two children, for creating the soundtrack album for the 2006 Curious George film, for collaborating with artists including Ben Harper, Dave Matthews and Eddie Vedder. Artist: Gavin DeGraw You Know Him For: His 2003 hit “I Don’t Want to Be” which became the theme song for teen drama “One Tree Hill,” for touring with Sister Hazel, Barenaked Ladies and Howie Day, Jason Mraz and Maroon Five, and for being beaten up early this month by a group of men in New York. DeGraw suffered a broken nose, concussions and lacerations to his face, but is on the road to recovery and spending time at home. His forthcoming album will be released next month. Be sure to check out: Vitamin String Quartet Performs Jason Mraz Available now at iTunes and Amazon Vitamin String Quartet Tribute to John Mayer: Heavier Things - Heavier Strings Available now at iTunes and Amazon


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