Joanna Newsom Tribute Album to Be Released

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Pitchfork Media has reported that a Joanna Newsome tribute album, cleverly titled Versions of Joanna, will be out digitally December. All proceeds will go to Oxfam International, a charity fighting poverty and worldwide strife. The contributing artists include M. Ward, Owen Pallett, Billy Bragg, and many others. The album, at 22 tracks, will weigh in at over an hour, and feature songs from all albums of Newsom’s career. Check out the Billy Bragg cover in this video: The track list is below: Francesco Santocono: "'81" A Voice Heard on Baer Mountain: "Autumn" Sarah Katheryn: "Baby Birch" Joel Cathey: "Book of Right-On" Guy Buttery: "Book of Right-On" (instrumental) Josh Mann: "Bridges & Balloons" Chris Leeds: "Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie" Ian Cooke: "Colleen" This Is Deer Country: "Easy" Doublewuzzy: "Flying a Kite" Rosa Hinksman: "In California" White Elephant Gift Exchange: "Inflammatory Writ" Ian Cooke: "Monkey & Bear" Billy Bragg: "On a Good Day" Kristina Forrer: "On a Good Day" Owen Pallett: "Peach, Plum, Pear" M. Ward: "Sadie" Ben Sollee: "Sawdust & Diamonds" David Miele: "Soft as Chalk" The Moscow Coup Attempt: "Sprout and the Bean" Melissa Stylianou: "Swansea" Jennifer Schmitt: "This Side of the Blue"


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