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Article: New Releases: Vitamin String Quartet Tribute to Soundgarden


New Releases: Vitamin String Quartet Tribute to Soundgarden

Download: Tracklist: 1. Rusty Cage (originally performed by Soundgarden) 2. Spoonman (originally performed by Soundgarden) 3. Black Hole Sun (originally performed by Soundgarden) 4. Outshined (originally performed by Soundgarden) 5. Pretty Noose (originally performed by Soundgarden) 6. My Wave (originally performed by Soundgarden) 7. Burden in My Hand (originally performed by Soundgarden)

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New Release: Vitamin String Quartet Performs Journey

Download: Tracklist: 1. Any Way You Want It 2. Only the Young 3. Wheel in the Sky 4. Faithfully 5. Don’t Stop Believi...

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Unnatural: The VSQ Metal Compilation

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