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Article: Raging Strings: The Beatles vs. Oasis


Raging Strings: The Beatles vs. Oasis

[Welcome to the new weekly series on the VSQ Blog called "Raging Strings." Each week, we'll highlight two pop and/or rock songs which include strings, and we'll ask you to vote for your favorite.] It seems like people are split down the middle when it comes to being fans of The Beatles or Oasis, but no one can deny that both bands have written some of pop's greatest songs. Granted, the Beatles may have a larger catalog than Oasis, but they've both put out great arrangements that have included strings. Oasis prominently features strings (the London Philharmonic Orchestra, to be specific) in their song "Whatever," and the Beatles did a remarkable job incorporating strings within the famous "Eleanor Rigby." Take a listen to both songs below and let us know which one you prefer. Then tell us why by leaving a comment below.

Oasis, "Whatever"

The Beatles, "Eleanor Rigby"

If you're a fan of either band, check out these VSQ releases:

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