Raging Strings: Yellowcard vs. All American Rejects

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   .   [Welcome back to VSQ's series, "Raging Strings," where we highlight two rock songs which include strings, and ask you to vote for your favorite.] Anyone a fan of Yellowcard or The All-American Rejects? Both bands’ popularity surged in the early 2000s with their pop-rock anthems, and they’re still going strong today. Yellowcard released their album Southern Air this year, but who can forget their first big hit, “Ocean Avenue?” The single is a spirited tribute to their hometown of Jacksonville, Florida. The band’s violinist Sean Mackin plays a big part in giving the song its effervescent texture, as his animated violin riffs highlight the upbeat melodies of this feel-good anthem. The All-American Rejects also released a new album this year, Kids in the Street.  Kids’ new-found simplicity is a big departure from past hits like 2002’s “The Last Song,” which features an extended breakdown of lush, distorted strings that keeps the record dancing between classical and rock. Strings are a big part of each of these songs, but which song do you enjoy more? Leave a comment below and let us know!  

Yellowcard, "Ocean Avenue"


The All-American Rejects, "The Last Song"

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