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Article: Songs for Working Out

Songs for Working Out

One of the most popular new year's resolution is the goal to get in shape, put on muscle, or drop some pounds.  As we make our way past the first month of the new year, however, we see a definite slump in our efforts to buff up and slim down. After spending the whole month of January in the gym pumping iron and sweating hours out on the treadmill, we're ready to trade it all in once February rolls around for a much comfier spot in your lazy boy, propped in front of the T.V. with a big bowl of chips and soda in hand. "Sianara, fitness aspirations. It's been fun but Ronnie from Jersey Shore can take it from here." If you've hit the February slump, don't worry. I've got some good news for the stray lifters and runners everywhere: I'm here for you. Allow me to help you with this VSQ-friendly playlist of songs that will help get back on that bench press and warm up the running muscles again. Remember: stretch beforehand, and keep your headphones cord away from moving parts. 1. A Perfect Circle - "Judith" We all know some angry, guitar-driven stuff is always good for extra energy, and with its driving bass line, sweeping riffs and vocals that toggle between soaring and growling, “Judith” is as good a candidate as any. It's the kind of rock song that would be a good soundtrack for a UFC fight promo. Just make sure that after you set down the weight, don't jump onto the bench and let out a vengeful howl, as tempting it may be. 2. Kanye West - "Good Morning" Look, we all know the obvious Kanye choice is “Stronger,” but if it's the obvious choice you don't need me to include it on my list of limited space. On the flip side, “Good Morning” has a minimalist, meditative beat that almost mimics a grandfather's clock pendulum. That makes it ideal for getting lost in its hypnotism, and that's all we're trying to do when we're on our third mile and up, right? Anything to divorce our mind from our bodies. 3. Linkin Park - "Session" The screeching emotional catharsis of a normal Linkin Park song might be a bit too much for someone just trying to do crunches, but this shiny instrumental offering should do the trick. Anything beat-based helps, and the drum machine/DJ scratching tag team definitely fills that role. All the elements come together to form a pretty ambient track that is oddly motivating and self-assured. Plus, you can pretend you're in a scene from The Matrix in your head. 4. Neil Young - "Harvest Moon" Because, shut up, I like to listen to softly swaying folk rock when I'm pumping iron. There's no conflict here at all. The sad, lovelorn lyrics will make your heart swell, and that's good for pumping blood through your body, right? Either way, you should try it, folk music will recontextualize your workout into a sad scene from an indie film. 5. Nine Inch Nails - "Down In It" Something about the electronic drums and synthy backing makes this seem like a great aerobics song. Sorry. Related: String Quartet Tribute To A Perfect Circle, The String Quartet Tribute to Kanye West, String Quartet Tribute to Linkin Park: Meteora, Rusted Moon: The String Quartet Tribute to Neil Young, String Quartet Tribute to Nine Inch Nails

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