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Black Friday's Record Store Day: VSQ Performs Radiohead's In Rainbows Vinyl Release

By 23

Specially for Record Store Day on November 29, VSQ is releasing Vitamin String Quartet Performs Radiohead’s In Rainbows on vinyl.


Taking inspiration from Radiohead’s vivid compositions, Vitamin String Quartet Performs Radiohead’s In Rainbows explores the line between innovation and tradition, reverently transforming guitar masterpieces such as “Bodysnatchers” and “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi,” and lilting ballads like “Nude” and “House of Cards.” The vinyl version of this release includes a full-color sleeve, a download card and is exclusive to indie stores for six months. 

Find a participating store near you here.

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VSQ’s Black Friday Sale Starts Today!

By 23

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Not to full to pick up some VSQ tunes though are you? Today kicks off our Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales. Now through Monday, all of Vitamin String Quartet’s physical CDs are available for 50% off! Yep, that means half off all of your VSQ favorites including tributes to Arcade Fire, Death Cab For Cutie, and more!

NOTE: Your discount will be automatically included at checkout.

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Check out some of our physical releases below:

     .        .          Arcade Fire                                           Death Cab For Cutie                                               Nirvana    . .                     Deftones                                         The Beatles                                         Radiohead

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