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behind the scenes

Player Q&A

  Violinist Simon Orvista, violist Erica Ticthdale, and cellist Steve Velez took the time to answer some fun and informative questions in between sessions for Rock Hits 2016 and our upcoming Hits ...

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bastille what would you do

Between the Covers: Edition 1

Nelly – “Hot in Herre” Jenny Owen Youngs covers "Hot in Herre" Who could forget Nelly’s 2002 hit “Hot in Herre?” It inspired many covers even by non-rap groups (looking at you, Coldplay), i...

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Amazing Cover Bands

Amazing Cover Bands: Levi’s Pioneer Sessions

For the past few months, Levi’s has sponsored a series of sessions that find modern artists doing covers of bands who influenced their sound. These tracks are available as free downloads each mon...

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Amazing Cover Bands

Covers that Kill! Ten Cover Songs that are Better the Second (or third) Time Around

Do you love a good remake or does the thought of a copycat make you cringe? Cover songs have been either angering or pleasuring our ears for decades.  Most popular artists produce cover songs as ...

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