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A Day in John's Life

By 13

December 1980 must’ve felt especially cold with the death of John Lennon fresh in the news. But every year around this time, Lennon is brought back to life with new articles about his life – as well as “Happy Xmas (War is Over)” on repeat at shopping malls across America. With the Beatles’ music being so big, it is the small, humanizing tidbits on their daily lives that keep fans interested in figuring out who these British boys in tight trousers really were. A lot of clues led fans to conclude that these celebrities were in fact just like us. In a Rolling Stone interview three days before his death, John spoke about the importance of being human over being a rock star: “Real success is…the success of my personality, the success of my relation with [Yoko] and the child, my relationship with the world…and to be happy when I wake up. It has nothing to do with rock machinery or not rock machinery.” Yet it is John’s rock star image that makes his personal life intriguing – so intriguing that someone paid $16,696 for his 1980 handwritten to-do list on Gotta Have Rock And Roll. From the famous scrawl, it looks like a day in John’s life wasn’t that different from ours (except for the fact that it was written for a personal assistant to do): Filling up the gas tank, returning that book, fixing that hook on the bathroom door, asking Steve for some herbs (“for the cat”) and waiting for the HBO guy. Up-and-coming rock stars (and their interns): Start saving those shopping lists. You never know when a rich fan will want to feel closer to their idol and dish out a college-tuition’s worth to frame your daily scribbles over the dinner table. For those of us with smaller paychecks, there is still the best part of Beatles - their music. Check out the Vitamin String Quartet’s second take on some number one hits.

Vitamin String Quartet Performs The Beatles Vol. 2 Available at iTunes

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Martin Scorsese to Direct George Harrison Documentary

By 23

Famed director Martin Scorsese is planning his next project after the recent success of his thriller Shutter Island. has reported that the director has confirmed his intent to direct a documentary about George Harrison, the quiet Beatle as he’s been called before. Not only is this great news for Beatles and Harrison fans, but also it’s quite a surprise to the world to hear that he’s been working on this for almost three years quietly. Scorsese has been collaborating with Harrison’s widow Olivia and the film, which tentatively titled Living in the Material World: George Harrison. The film is said to cover the whole life of the musician. Commenting on the film, the director said, “His music is very important to me so I was interested in the journey that he took as an artist. The film is an exploration. We don't know. We're just feeling our way through." Those who remember Scorsese’s last foray into the musical documentary world will recall The Last Waltz, a 1978 film that extensively covered The Band’s final concert, as well as his recent film on Bob Dylan from 2005, No Direction Home, and the 2008 film, Shine A Light, that explored the Rolling Stones. The film is in post-production at this time and no release date has been noted as of yet. But with the access that Harrison’s widow has given Scorsese to the departed artist’s video archives is unprecedented. I for one am looking forward to hearing and seeing more on this notoriously quiet genius. Keep an eye on the news for more information in the coming months.

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