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Sasquatch 2010 Recap: Day 2

By 6

Day 2 of Sasquatch, the most dance-oriented lineup of the weekend, was an early start for me because for some reason the organizers put Caribou’s set at 12:05. I had missed them when they played the day before I left in Portland, so I needed to see their show from what my Brooklyn friends claimed. So I pulled myself out of the tent, made an amazing breakfast of egg and cheese sandwiches, packed a lunch and headed off. I slipped right in though security with little trouble and headed straight over to the main stage to literally catch them as they went on stage. The band severely impressed the crowd, which was quite large for such an early set. Their dual drumming attack and overall talent of the band blew the crowd away.

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Stuff We Like: Pavement's Spiral Stairs Upcoming Album

By 23

Matador sure has been busy lately.  Not only has Sonic Youth just released their highly anticipate 16th album through them, but Matablog announced yesterday that Spiral Stairs (formerly of Pavement) is working on an album, due this October, called The Real Feel.

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