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Vitamin String Quartet Perform Linkin Park's Minutes to Midnight

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Release Date: 7/28/2009 Winning Grammys and going multi-platinum was only the starting point for Linkin Park. After revitalizing the nu-metal genre, the band took everyone by surprise with a politically charged album of punk, classic rock and hip hop called Minutes to Midnight. From the rage of “Bleed It Out” to the driving melodies of “No More Sorrow,” The Vitamin String Quartet trades decks, drums, and guitars for viola, violin and cello and translates the now-classic songs into vigorous orchestral arrangements. This is one interpretation every Linkin Park fan must hear. Songs: 1 What I’ve Done (preview) 2 Bleed It Out (preview) 3 Leave Out All the Rest 4 Shadow of the Day (preview) 5 Given Up 6 No More Sorrow 7 Hands Held High

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Coming Soon: Vitamin String Quartet Performs 30 Seconds To Mars

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Release Date: 7/28/2009

VSQ’s tribute to 30 Seconds to Mars reinterprets the band’s blend of guitar driven angst and progressive rhythm with lush string arrangements that keep the emotion intact. These instrumental tributes to anthems like “A Beautiful Lie” and “The Kill” are every bit as gripping as a kiss on the lips or a punch in the face.

Songs: 1 Echelon 2 The Kill (preview) 3 Edge of the Earth 4 Attack (preview) 5 A Beautiful Lie 6 From Yesterday (preview) 7 Welcome to the Universe 8 A Modern Myth 9 The Fantasy 10 Capricorn (A Brand New Name) 11 Here, There Be Monsters (Original composition inspired by the music of 30 Seconds to Mars)

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Preview Vitamin String Quartet Tributes to Radiohead, No Age, Cat Power, Spoon

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We are excited for our new albums, out tomorrow. We know that our fans have high expectations and we don't think you will be disappointed. Check out the mp3 clips below to preview our new albums and check back tomorrow for some special promotions!

Vitamin String Quartet Performs Radiohead's In Rainbows

Delivering experimental rock with an emotional punch, In Rainbows is another instantly-classic collection from the worlds’ most adventurous band. Taking inspiration from Radiohead’s vivid compositions, Vitamin String Quartet’s Tribute to In Rainbows explores the line between innovation and tradition. Violins, viola, and cello reinterpret lilting ballads such as “Nude” and “House of Cards,” and reverently transform guitar masterpieces such as “Bodysnatchers” and “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi.” Bodysnatchers- Radiohead House of Cards - Radiohead

Vitamin String Quartet: Per_Versions

VSQ boldly steps forward with this haunting collection of string quartet tributes to Portishead, Cat Power, Spoon, and many other indie icons. Per_Versions further pushes the boundaries with a selection of VSQ’s own genre-bending compositions. This union of classical and cutting-edge is the perfect alternative to the mainstream. Eraser - No Age The Greatest - Cat Power The Way We Get By - Spoon

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