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Available Now: Vitamin String Quartet Performs The Hunger Games

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Although the post-apocalyptic setting of The Hunger Games presents a rather bleek mind-set, the dramatically sweeping soundtrack is a rich cushion of melodies from some of the most talented artists. Vitamin String Quartet pays tribute to District 12 with lush string arrangements of original songs by Arcade Fire, Taylor Swift and more.


1. One Engine (String Quartet Tribute to The Decemberists) 2. AbrahamÂ’s Daughter (String Quartet Tribute to Arcade Fire) 3. Eyes Open (String Quartet Tribute to Taylor Swift) 4. Tomorrow Will be Kinder (String Quartet Tribute to The Secret Sisters) 5. The Ruler and The Killer (String Quartet Tribute to Kid Cudi) 6. Nothing to Remember (String Quartet Tribute to Neko Case) 7. Safe and Sound (String Quartet Tribute to Taylor Swift)

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