The Vitamin String Quartet Performs The Songs of Glee

By 23

The Vitamin String Quartet performs the songs from the new phenomenon that is Glee. Pop anthems are sung by geeks and jocks are reinterpreted through violin, viola and cello offering a refreshing spin on songs from the hit TV show. Whether you’re a Broadway diva or a strong quarterback, this tribute album is a must-have for any clique. Click here to download


1) Defying Gravity (originally performed by the cast of Wicked) 2) Don’t Stop Believin’ (originally performed by Journey) 3) Somebody to Love (originally performed by Queen) 4) Imagine (originally performed by John Lennon) 5) Gold Digger (originally performed by Kanye West) 6) Papa Don’t Preach (originally performed by Madonna) 7) It’s My Life (originally performed by Bon Jovi)


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