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Article: Vitamin String Quartet Explores The Sounds of Star Trek

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Vitamin String Quartet Explores The Sounds of Star Trek

For all our trekkie fans out there, get ready to beam yourself up to a new musical experience. Vitamin String Quartet has finally begun it's voyage into the final frontier. To explore strange new arrangements. To seek out new compositions and new interpretations. To boldly go where no string quartet has gone before. We've set our phasers to stun, so whether you're Romulan or Klingon get ready to live long and prosper, the Vitamin String Quartet way.

Tracklist: 1. Star Trek (Music from the Motion Picture 2009) 2. Main Title Theme (Star Trek) 3. Main Title Theme (Next Generation) 4. Main Title Theme (Deep Space Nine) 5. Main Title Theme (Voyager) 6. End Credits (First Contact) 7. End Credits (Wrath of Khan)

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