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The VSQ offices are closed for the season. Though our whole team is taking a well-deserved holiday break, we’re grateful for every order we receive. Orders placed after Wednesday, Dec. 13th will be promptly shipped upon our return on January 2nd. Happy holidays!

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Article: Vitamin String Quartet Sheet Music - Coming Soon!


Vitamin String Quartet Sheet Music - Coming Soon!

UPDATE: Sheet music coming JUNE 2010. Click here for more details!

Those of you who have been persistent in your attempt at requesting sheet music will revel in the knowledge that your efforts have not gone unnoticed. We have in fact been milling this idea around for a while. This project has been a long time coming, and we are glad to announce that Vitamin String Quartet sheet music will soon see the light of day. We will have more details soon, so keep checking back. Subscribe to our blog feed or sign up for our email newsletter to stay on top of updates.

If you have suggestions or requests, please leave them in the comments below.


It’s been more than 6 months since you said “it will be out soon”, so what is your definition of soon? I can’t wait until it comes out. I was just wondering if you now have a better idea of when it will be out.

You guys are great!!!!


I’m dying for the sheet music for FIREFLIES!
The pizzicato is killer, and I would LOVE to learn how to play it :)

Thank you, and I’m looking forward to your release!

Neena Kapur

Dude you should just do all of the songs some how, they are all great.


YYYAAAYY!!!! you should do all of them really cause i absolutely LOVE Your Music!!!!


I really hope it comes out soon, because I would love to have some U2 sheet music. Need it for a contest, and love the string pieces for “One” and “Beautiful Day”.


hey so any updates on the sheet music?
and when you say the music sheet will be avaiable, do you mean for free or for pay?
and if for money, approximately how much?



I would love Hey Jude, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, The Reason and Nine in the Afternoon! I’m so excited to get these arrangements!!!


Clocks by Coldplay, I would love to get the sheet music for that, I play cello and I just love the cello’s part in Clocks.


Hi VSQ, what a carrot to dangle!! Looking forward to updates on this project!


Viva La vita, Don’t Stop Beleivin, Sweet Child of mine, Moneytalks and well all the songs u have!!!!!! I can’t wait till it comes out, i’ll be the first one to buy it!!!!


could you do the covers to the dream is real. the one you did by senses fail. i am in love with the ENTIRE album. i love that cd so much. and you guys. your so awesome. i’m in high school and i play string bass and when i listen to you guys i remember why i fell in lovbe with music in the first place. i love the sound that a string instument can make. it is so beautiful. i love it. thank you guys for what you do. its remarkable

lorraine franco

I would adore the music to Brown eyed girl. I have been trying to figure out the parts myself. But I have only been successful with most of the violin. Would love all the parts!




Please please please publish panic!at the disco sheet music, i heard the Vitamin String Quartet versions and id looove to play them!!!!Please


Through the Fire and Flames please =)


well I meant come up with it. unless you do have those songs!


so, I love your music as a violin player, I am always looking for fun music. I was wondering if you could do switchfoot’s “stars” and “dare you to move” I love those two and think that you can do an amazing job at it.


I would really like to see:
Michael Jackson
Guitar Hero Please


Hey VSQ!! I was wondering when you will post this for download! I’ve been waiting so long to impress my orchestra teacher with your beautiful arrangements! Your music is just amazing
! Also, can you post the sheet music for “When you were young” by the killers? P.S. Violas rule!!


I would like to request the sheet music to Hoppipolla for my wedding. Wat are the chances this will come out within the next month or two? It would mean a lot to me. Thanks.


I would really like to see Metallica songs please.
i was wondering when you guys are actually going to start posting music because you said this last summer and people are still waiting.


P.S. Thank ya :)


Absolutely love your work! Really inspirational and all that jazzy rap. You should get sheet music for:
Kate Nash
Safetysuit “find a way”


all or any songs by Avenged Sevenfold

VSQ awesomeness



My quartet is so inspired by your dedication and talent. We’re all very very excited to get our hands on your sheet music! We’ll be playing them at all our concerts next year:) Thank you for making me want to keep going to achieve my goal: being as brave and talented as you all are!


hi, i would like to know where to buy the flyleaf cd. i would love to order it. you guys are amazing and i love your work. as a fellow violin player, i think its really cool you guys are bring back the strings! :))


Olivia- The flyleaf album is digital-only and you can buy it on iTunes:



Oh shoot. This explains a lot. Me and some other highschool students were looking for the music of “What I’ve Done” that you guys played so we could play it as a quartet for our Highschool Districts Solo and Ensambles Festival but it’s in March… maybe next year then. Can’t wait for the sheet music to be released :]


could you release some lady gaga and owl city?? i play in a youth orchestra and we would be honored to play any of your music!!!


I love listening and I would love to be able to play the Fray and coldplay. I am a viola player who would love to cream this one kid at my school who is a fricken gay tap dancer and I want to wipe the cocki smug grin off his face


So it takes a year to put together sheet music for Evanescence and Aerosmith? That’s a shame. Did you record the music by looking at an etch-a-sketch?


I want sheet music for November! The song that was inspired by Coldplay c: PLEASE!


I think definately AC/DC, Coldplay, Twilight tributes, New Moon Tributes, Coldplay, and edfinately your Strung Out Albums are definately in need of sheet music! I am also in a quartet, and we would kill to play your songs. I think you might want to include: Snow (Hey Oh) first, since it is your most popular song on iTunes!


I FREAKING LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Haha okay fan girl moment over.
Seriously though your songs make my day.
You gotta come by and play in Southern California. If it’s humanly possible for me, I will attend!

It’s the best music to study to! I can actually anchor down and read disgusting sociology and human physiology with your pieces.

Please have Rise Against’s Prayer of the Refuge and Swing Life Away and Papa Roach’s Last Resort.
Keep up the SPECTACULAR job!!! ____


I’d just really like to see the dragonforce-through the fire and the flames sheet music :D




Please do Televators by The Mars Volta. Only that song.
OR that whole album, De-loused in the Comatorium.


Looking for U2’s It’s a Beautiful Day for our wedding on Sept 3rd. Will keep checking back.

Thanks for doing this guys!




Viva la Vida, please! Need for orchestra concert!


volume three of strung out, everything on there is genius, especially the bird and the worm! <3 my friends and i have a quartet and we have competed with it every year since fith grade (now freshmen) we would love to have this!


I absolutely LOVE the entire Dave Matthews Band album you did, mostly because I love DMB, but really it’s great and if you put out the music for that I could die happy.


The sheet music for Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up” would be amazing! I’ve scoured the internet, but the only thing I can come up with are piano arrangements and guitar tabs.

My fiance and I would love to have “Wake Up” as the processional for our wedding. And Sufjan Stevens “Chicago” for the recessional, but I haven’t found that in any of VSQ’s work.

Help, please!


Hey you should get the sheet music for sweet child o’ mine and stairway to heaven and other classics that you covered those were awesome :) thanks


I’d also VERY much like Feelin Good..


Sheet music for Coheed and Cambria tribute would be much appreciated, ESPECIALLY:

- The Crowing
- In Keeping Secrets of the Silent Earth:3


Oooooh! Please post the classic video game sheet music like Zelda, Mario, Yoshi’s island etc…


Hey I really enjoy your coldplay releases, especially In My Place, Yellow, and The Scientist. I don’t know if you could work on releasing the sheet music for some of those songs but it would be amazing if you could. I think that they are some of the more full sounding songs that you guys have.


Hey! I absoulutely love ur music!!! Please post the sheet music for all of yellowcard and all of coldplay please!!! Or at least clocks from coldplay and the top rated from yellowcard.


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