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Article: VSQ Live at Spotify House in Austin for SXSW

bohemian rhapsody

VSQ Live at Spotify House in Austin for SXSW

"Bohemian Rhapsody" singalong at #SpotifyHouse #sxsw #vsqlive


Wow. I generally have NO desire to be at SXSW – I live in Portland OR and have my fill of Hipsters every live long day – but this music looks amazing. As does the little hottie in center frame. Wow.


I think it would be an interesting contrast to hear an Iggy Azalea song!


Old Crow Medicine Show! Sure, they already have a fiddle in some songs, but I’d love to see VSQ cover some country. OCMS really influenced bands like Mumford and Sons, and they’re more successful than a lot of the bands that VSQ has covered so far. I, for one, would buy “VSQ covers OCMS” in a heartbeat if it existed.


A wonderful musical group such as Mumford and Sons can only be covered by an ensamble that at least equals them in talent, ability, and, most importantly, passion. The members of Vitamin String Quartet are not only musicians; they are artists that know the power of music and understand how it moves masses. Mumford and Sons’s musical is very emotional and intense; I would love to see it redefined by a group that understand those aspects of music so deeply.

Montserrat Picado Campos

I would love to see an album of disney songs or of Broadway covers. Some examples of disney I would love for them to do is Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Cinderella and Lion King. For Broadway I would love to hear Chicago, into the woods, how to succeed in business, some of the disney musicals, next to normal. I like the music VSQ does but one of these albums would make my year

Margot Michelle Anderson

Please come back to Austin soon!


I admire VSQ’s ability to do classic heartfelt songs justice but I would love to see them mix it up with a country song such as Chicken Fried by Zac Brown. It just sounds fun!


I would love to see another Paramore cover of their album, as well as some Imagine Dragons! I know you could put such an amazing twist on their original music that it would make the original artists proud!


I would love to hear them cover darius ruckers true believer’s album. It would be awesome as we are using both artists for are wedding I April 2016 :-)

jo dadge

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spotify house


Austin, we’re headed your way!  Catch us at the #SpotifyHouse on Monday, March 10th at SXSW! For more details head to

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