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Article: VSQ's Blood Curdling Strings: Celebrating Halloween With Horror Classics


VSQ's Blood Curdling Strings: Celebrating Halloween With Horror Classics

With the release of The Nightmare Before Christmas, Vitamin String Quartet is pumped to celebrate Halloween. A day when kids dress up as ghouls and go trick-or-treating always makes for a fun holiday, but we also know there are some of you who just like a good scare. So to continue with the Halloween festivities (check out our VSQ pumpkin stencil), we've dug into Blood Curdling Strings! VSQ Pays Tribute to Horror Classics. It's chock-full of the best theme songs from horror films such as Psycho, Halloween, Friday the 13th, The Exorcist and so much more. If you'd like a classical spin on your horror classics, check out VSQ's sinister take on the theme song from Halloween below:

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