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Geek Wedding Game

Vitamin String Quartet’s “Jurassic Park - Theme”… Hear the music. Play the game.

In celebration of VSQ’s Geek Wedding Forever Vol. 3 album, we’ve created a music video and video game tie-in, highlighting the nerdy romanticism of the quartet’s Theme from Jurassic Park. Keeping our nostalgia classy, it’s a retro geek game, featuring beautiful pixel art, where you play a bride who must stave off dinosaur attacks in a sprawling sci-fi landscape of time travel, all in order to save your new groom. Do it for love! Do it to fight dinosaurs!

The Game : Concept
The Bride chose the Church of Time and Space for her wedding because of the grand, theatre-like interior. Vitamin String Quartet said the acoustics were fantastic-She was in awe of the architecture, big clock and the brass spheres. The Bride certainly didn't think she would be transported back to dinosaur times and have to fight her way back, through time, to her groom-check out the music video version of the game first, to inspire you in fighting the Big Bad Dinosaurs for The Bride.

The Game : Instructions
A and D to run, W or J to jump, Attack the dinosaurs with L or avoid them (some of the larger ones you have to avoid!). You have 3 hits, represented by the hearts in the top-left of the screen, and you can sometimes collect more hearts. Run through the time-warped jungle, and look for a way back to your and the bride’s own time.

SPOILER ALERT! Watch the music video/play-through