Band Of Horses Surprises Couple at Wedding

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This is one of those types of stories that seems like it wouldn’t really happen, but apparently it can. So Much Silence reports that Band of Horses showed up at a recent wedding in Tromso, Norway after the couple had gotten engaged at the band’s show earlier in the year in Oslo. Here’s a bit more info from the band’s Youtube page: “Njal proposed to Elin at the Band of Horses (BoH) show in Oslo earlier this year. When the Bride and Groom heard that BoH was to play a festival in Tromso on the same day of their wedding, they contacted the band and told them their story. With all the coincidences surrounding the wedding, the band said, “What the hell” and decided to surprise the couple. The band showed up minutes after landing in Tromso to play “Marry Song” at their ceremony. BoH was honored to be a part of the couple’s special day. Congratulations Njal and Elin!” How crazy is that? What band would you like to show up at your wedding? Do you think they’d show? Check out the video here:


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