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Article: Things We Like: The Five People You Meet Working the Bar At A Rock Club


Things We Like: The Five People You Meet Working the Bar At A Rock Club

Music blog Music Snobbery recently posted a list of the Five People You Meet Working the Bar At A Rock Club, and it’s pretty dead-on. Apparently it’s part of a series of similar lists the author started on their blog, the first being the Five People You Meet the Most in the Pit, which is also hilarious. While these types of lists are usually sort of cheesy, this one just seems to be right on par with the types of people I’ve seen tending bar at clubs. Out of the five mentioned types, I’d say I’ve probably encountered every one at least once but mostly the Tank Top Wearing Hottie in my New York days. Portland, I’d have to say the Disgruntled Lesbian, but that’s just because of the inundation of them out here, and the large amount of gay clubs downtown. Either way, the pictures are spot-on and the author does a great job of identifying each person’s traits, right down to their favorite band and probably name.  If you’ve ever even been to a show in your life, you can identify with this list. There is just something about rock venues that seem to hire the same types of people again and again, what’s that all about? Check out the full list at

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