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Article: Blood-Curdling Strings!: VSQ Pays Tribute to Horror Classics

Blood-Curdling Strings!: VSQ Pays Tribute to Horror Classics

Description: Halloween only comes once a year but if you’re one who loves ghoulish celebrations all year round, theme songs to the most terrifying classic horror films may give you an eerie rush. Blood Curdling Strings!: VSQ Pays Tribute to Horror Classics translates chilling signature songs from movies such as The Shining, Poltergeist and A Nightmare on Elm Street. Haunting melodies are beautifully reinvented with the viola, violin and cello providing the perfect combination of classic and thriller. Tracklist: 1. Psycho – The Rainstorm 2. Halloween – Theme 3. A Nightmare on Elm Street – Prologue / Main Title 4. The Omen – Ave Satani 5. The Shining – Main Theme 6. The Exorcist – Tubular Bells 7. Friday the 13th – Main Theme 8. Candyman – Cabrini Green 9. Jaws – Main Title and First Victim 10. Night of the Living Dead – Driveway to the Cemetery (Main Title) 11. Dawn of the Dead – L’Alba Dei Morti Viventi 12. Suspiria – Main Theme 13. Rosemary’s Baby – Main Theme 14. Carrie – For The Last Time We’ll Pray 15. Poltergeist – Carol Anne’s Theme Available Now at: iTunes

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