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Article: Come Together: EMI Looks For Partners to Hang Onto Abbey Road

Abbey Road

Come Together: EMI Looks For Partners to Hang Onto Abbey Road

It’s not very often that the music consumers of the world have a moment of collective interest in the world of real estate. But there are certain pieces of property that embody something so sentimental and influential to the history of music that its fate will likely always be of some interest to anyone who has been influenced by that place in some way. Okay, now you’re wondering where I’m going with this. Today’s example: Abbey Road recording studios. Word leaked to Reuters last week that amid financial hardships, music company EMI has been in talks with interested parties about possibly selling the studios where the eponymous Beatles album was recorded. And since there is hardly a breathing soul on this planet who hasn’t been touched by that album, any news of the infamous recording studio is, well, news. When the rumors started going around about the possible sale, people were kind of pissed. Well, according to EMI, we can take a big chill pill because they’re not selling. At least, not right now. But the company is singin’ the need-mo’-money blues. According to a statement the company just released, EMI is “holding preliminary discussions for the revitalization of Abbey Road with interested and appropriate third parties.” Instead of selling it to parties unknown (and how are we supposed to trust that they would give Abbey Road the love and respect it deserves? Okay, I’ll calm down), EMI is looking into giving the place a fortifying facelift. The bummer here is that this could just be a stepping stone to selling; going through the architectural preservation process makes it a lot harder for a future owner to do anything drastic to the site. The lesson here? Start buying music again so that EMI isn’t forced to sell Abbey Road to someone who is going to turn it into a strip mall (okay, that’s worst case, but you never know. Better not take any chances).

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