It's Finally Here: The Return of Soundgarden

By 6

Well, it seems after 13 years, they’re returning to the stage this summer at various festivals. To celebrate the amazing music that Soundgarden left the world to ponder over during their hiatus, Vitamin String Quartet is releasing “VSQ Performs Soundgarden” soon. With classic grunge anthems like “Black Hole Sun” (that video still creeps me out), “Spoon Man”, “Fell on Black Days”, “Pretty Noose”, and “Burden in My Hand”, Soundgarden was a force to be reckoned with in the 1990’s. Featuring Cornell’s made for rock, belting vocals, Soundgarden achieved its most success with the album “Superunknown” from the ridiculously amazing year of music that was 1994. While many modern bands have cited Soundgarden as an influence, many fans were ashamed to mention their loyalty as Cornell pumped out a steady flow of unworthy “hits” until coming to his senses recently, but that’s no reason to take away how talented this band once was (hopefully still is). With searing guitar solos, very solid melodies, and that bad ass Cornell yell, what wasn’t to love? I will say I am a bit worried though about these unannounced shows that are said to happen starting this summer, does Cornell still have the voice? I’ve heard many people who have seen him live in the last five or so years say he lost it, he can’t hit those notes anymore, he’s like Axl Rose post-2000. Let’s hope they were wrong or that he’s saving the best for his old standby. Come on Spoon Man, save me.


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