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Article: Coming Soon: The Vitamin String Quartet Tribute to Alice In Chains

alice in chains

Coming Soon: The Vitamin String Quartet Tribute to Alice In Chains

The Vitamin String Quartet Tribute to Alice In Chains Release Date: 9/29/09 First you hear the distorted roar, then the piercing wail, and your only choice is to let Alice in Chains take root in your soul. Between indelible guitar riffs, distinct harmonies, and acrid lyrics, Alice in Chains has provided the soundtrack for the most harrowing of times. The Vitamin String Quartet Tribute to Alice in Chains is a collection of relentless instrumentals that warm the lifeblood of the band’s biggest songs. The lush resonance of violins, viola, and cello create a sonic swirl of power and grace. Alice in Chains are known to be ferociously inventive and this tribute equally has its own bite. Tracklist 1 Got Me Wrong 2 Man in the Box (preview) 3 Would? (preview) 4 No Excuses 5 Rooster (preview) 6 I Stay Away 7 Sea of Sorrow 8 Again 9 Them Bones 10 We Die Young 11 Down in a Hole 12 Heaven Beside You

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