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Article: VSQ: Emo Makeout Compilation

30 seconds to mars

VSQ: Emo Makeout Compilation

DOWNLOAD The Vitamin String Quartet reinvents some of your favorite make out songs as they keep the emotion in tact. Whether you're a Romeo who's found his Juliet or you're left with memories of misery, feel free to let those feelings spill over. Moods are enhanced as violin, viola, and cello create a swirl of melodrama in songs such as "I Don't Care," "17 Forever," "The Swiss Army Romance," and more. This is one instrumental tribute you just won't be able to live without afterward. Check out the tracklist for our upcoming digital compilation album, The VSQ Emo Makeout Compilation, out 11/01/09. We've put all your favorite emo songs together to create the perfect makeout soundtrack. from Paramore to Dashboard, we've got you covered! Tracklist
    1. Dashboard Confessional: Swiss Army Confessionals 2. Hawthorne Heights: Niki FM 3. Linkin Park: What I’ve Done 4. We The Kings: Check Yes Juliet 5. 30 Seconds to Mars: The Kill 6. Plain White T’s: 1,2,3,4 7. Fall Out Boy: I don’t Care 8. Paramore: Misery Business 9. Metro Station: 17 Forever

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