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Article: Dave Grohl Admits Addiction to Caffeine and Seeks Help

caffeine addiction

Dave Grohl Admits Addiction to Caffeine and Seeks Help

To see Dave Grohl play drums is to witness something otherworldly, somewhere in that mass of sweat and hair is a relentlessly pounding soul that is completely addicted to caffeine. It’s of little surprise to this writer that Grohl recently admitted his addiction to the world, I mean how else could a human play drums so intensly? Grohl’s recent project, Them Crooked Vultures, released a video called “Fresh Pots” that describes the drummer’s addiction to coffee. His fellow Vultures, Josh Homme and John Paul Jones, elucidate that Grohl easily drinks around 5 pots of coffee a day and that this madness came to a head last year as the band recorded its debut album. The video stated that Grohl was rushed to a doctor after some “physical effects caused by too much caffeine”, or in other words he was tweaking out. Since then he’s supposedly reduced his intake for everyone’s sake. According to medical websites, caffeine addiction can cause nervousness, jitters, gastrointestinal disturbances, muscle twitches and much more, not to mention that has to be horrible for the heart. A writer, Kate Harper, did the math, “If Grohl consumes five pots a day and the pot holds 12 cups of coffee, he's drinking about 30 mugs of coffee a day, which is still insane and probably really, really bad for him in the long run, but it hopefully won't make him drop dead.” Crazy indeed. Here’s to hoping the new intake of coffee yields a new album from Them Crooked Vultures in the future, and the Foo Fighters are slated to start recording in September. I guess coffee addiction is really the least of most rockstars worries, but Grohl never really shared Kurt Cobain’s tendencies to self medicate, so really this is more kind of hilarious than scary. Check out the video:

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