Dirty Projectors and Björk Release Song Suite

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In 2009 concert in New York City where the Dirty Projectors collaborated with Icelandic songstress Björk, an EP has emerged from the one-time show’s material. This project is based on Dirty Projectors singer Amber Coffman’s experience hiking along the coast of Northern California where she spied a family of whales, lead man David Longstreth put together a suite of songs for the band and their guest to perform. He would go on to make parts for the singers, giving Björk the job of mother whale while the girls of the Projectors would be the kid whales. These songs would form Mount Wittenberg Orca, based on the name of the hill that Amber watched the whales upon. Longstreth has noted that this album serves as a companion piece to the band’s last album Bitte Orca. Recorded in Brooklyn using 1950’s mics and mostly a cappella, the band relented to giving away the album online with a suggested payment setup (from $7 - $100).  All the funds will be given away to protect the oceans, by creating international marine protected areas. The EP can be downloaded off their website at: http://www.mountwittenbergorca.com Recommended Listening: Violently: The String Quartet Tribute To Bjork Ice: The String Tribute to Bjork


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