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ThinkGeek Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt

Since being a rock star is a pretty universal thing nowadays, has created the latest in rock star gear. For those of us that don’t want to carry their gear around all day, but maybe want to play a little solo now and then, these shirts are for you. Instead of printing regular t-shirts with a picture of a drum kit on the front, ThinkGeek made an electronic t-shirt with a picture of an actual playable drum kit. Insane… Just hit the drums on the shirt with a finger and they play through a built in speaker. There are seven different drum sounds included. And yes, there are plenty of kid-sized versions of the Electronic Drum Kit Shirt. There is also a guitar shirt that plays solos on your chest as well. Using a magnetic pick, you can strum away on your chest and the tunes come out of a mini amp that you can strap to your belt. For all the ordering info, check out: Drums: Guitar: Also, there are apparently a slew of videos with people mastering playing these shirts (of course there are). Check them out:


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