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Article: Flying High With Owl City

Adam Young

Flying High With Owl City

If there’s one musical act that could embody the modern fairytale of the no-name artist-turned-internet-sensation-turned-major-label-golden-child, it would have to be Owl City. The synth-pop project of Minnesota native Adam Young, Owl City went sounds in a Midwestern basement to a MySpace phenomenon seemingly overnight; teenage girls (and okay, boys too) were flocking…and the record industry soon followed, with Young’s project signing to Universal Republic in 2009. In typical, modern DIY spirit, Owl City’s first two releases (the Of June EP in 2007 and 2008’s full-length Maybe I’m Dreaming) were put out while Young was still unsigned. Lack of major label representation clearly didn’t slow down the hoards of gathering fans; by the time Owl City’s first release on Universal Republic, Ocean Eyes, came out in July 2009, Adam Young’s relatively new project was already sky high. With four wildly successful singles during the latter part of 2009, it only took until December of that year for Ocean Eyes to be certified Gold. So what’s happening in 2010 for Owl Eyes? Well, January has already seen the latest single, Fireflies, has already reached the coveted “Most Downloaded” spot on iTunes and as of January 24th, it was the #1 single in the UK. Joined by Breanne Duren (background vocals/keyboards), Matthew Decker (drums), Laura Musten (violin), and Hannah Schroeder (cello), Young’s Owl City is currently touring with Lights and Deas Vali. Never a band to keep its fans out of the action, Owl City has a few ways to be involved, other than seeing them live: first is the obligatory chance to donate to the Haiti relief fund, via Owl City’s partnership with the American Red Cross (details below); second, and on a more lighthearted note, is the band’s offering of a chance for fans to submit their own ideas for Owl City’s next music video, for the song Vanilla Twilight (details also below). Owl City Official Website: Vanilla Twilight Video Contest: To donate $10 to American Red Cross relief efforts in Haiti: Text “OWL” to 90999

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