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Article: Amazing Cover Bands: Wu Tang Vs The Beatles

Amazing Cover Bands: Wu Tang Vs The Beatles

Wu Tang Clan and the Beatles: do either demographic of listeners even crossover? I suppose they do, it’s hard for any type of person to not be in some way affected by the Beatles’ staggering catalog of music that they pieced together in a few short years. In Tom Caruna, the Brighton, England producer who put together this mashup at the tender age of 28 believes there’s a lot of crossover. “Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers” is his 27-song mashup that features such titles as “Save Me Dear” or “Forget Me Not”. Each song features several samples from bands that either covered Beatles songs or demos from the band themselves. The instrumentals and the album are available at his website since early January. Tracklist: 1 Wu Vs Beatles Intro [1:29] 2 C.R.E.A.M. [3:20] 3 Got Your Money [3:43] 4 Forget Me Not [4:09] 5 Back In The Game [4:48] 6 Uh Huh [3:31] 7 Criminology [3:11] 8 Da Mystery Of Chessboxin' [2:01] 9 Daytona 500 [3:20] 10 Labels [2:49] 11 Smith Bros [1:38] 12 12 R.E.C. Room [3:27] 13 Wu Vs Beatles Skit [1:14] 14 Mighty Healthy [3:11] 15 Clientele Kidd [2:51] 16 Cutting It Up [3:09] 17 Release Yo Self [2:56] 18 City High [2:12] 19 Run [2:36] 20 Cross My Heart [2:07] 21 Uzi (Pinky Ring) [4:36] 22 Bizarre [1:31] 23 Slang Editorial [2:05] 24 Save Me Dear [3:03] 25 The Movement [2:35] 26 Wu Tang Cream Team Line Up [3:28] 27 Wu Vs Beatles Outro [2:24]

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