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Article: Foo Fighters Hold Music Video Contest For Aspiring Directors

dave grohl

Foo Fighters Hold Music Video Contest For Aspiring Directors

The Foo Fighters have started a contest to see who will shoot the videos for the band’s upcoming album due this spring. The contest, titled “This Video Sucks” simply asks fans to submit reels of their previous work, and then awards only 11 aspiring directors the chance to shoot videos for each song on the album. One would guess that they get a small budget and then the videos are scheduled to be premiered on Fuse. Says frontman, former Nirvana drummer, Dave Grohl,
“I had this idea that instead of going and spending a ton of money on one video made by a director who’s done it a trillion times, why not split up the cash and give it to the fans and let the fans make 11 different videos for the band? So that, instead of just making one video as the album comes out, we have 11 different videos for the 11 songs on the record.”
To enter the contest visit the band’s site. Also, check out the hilarious promos for the contest the band shot:

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