Gorillaz’ The Fall To Be Released On April 16

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Gorillaz fans have good reason to go bananas this week. The band has just announced their forthcoming album The Fall will be released on CD and vinyl in April. The album was primarily recorded on the iPad of Gorillaz frontman (and actual human being), Damon Albarn, during the band’s North American tour last fall. The innately digital four member cartoon group embraced their album’s digital origins by releasing The Fall exclusively as a stream on their website last December. This holiday gift was also available as a free digital download to fanclub members. The Fall enters the realm of the tangible on April 16, Record Store Day, when physical copies will be available in independent record stores throughout the country. The CD and digital download will be available for wide release on April 19. Cultivate your eager anticipation for Record Store Day by checking out the Gorillaz’ “Phoner to Arizona.” The rapid-fire video is a compilation of photos and footage taken during the tour that gave rise to The Fall. Great news for impatient fans: Vitamin String Quartet’s tribute to the Gorillaz will be available in March, a month before you can get your hands on a copy of the band’s latest album. Prime yourself for The Fall by checking out VSQ’s ever-inventive string renditions of Gorillaz most popular jams. Track list: VSQ Performs Gorillaz Clint Eastwood Feel Good Inc Dare Dirty Harry Empire Ants Sound Check (Gravity) M1 A1 Stylo Kids With Guns


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