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Article: Jason Bonham To Bring Led Zeppelin Experience On the Road

jason bonham

Jason Bonham To Bring Led Zeppelin Experience On the Road

Jason Bonham is bringing is deceased father, John Bonham’s, famous show on the road this fall with the Led Zeppelin Experience. The show is designed to celebrate his dad’s music by creating a 30-date tour in North America to commemorate the 30th anniversary of his dad’s death. Bonham had recently played with Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, and John Paul Jones at Led Zeppelin's supposed final show at London's O2 Arena in 2007, a show that critics and fans raved about. It seems that he didn’t want to let this feeling go too soon. Commenting on the announcement, Bonham noted, "When I was offered to put this together over a year ago, it wasn’t right. This September 25th is the 30th anniversary of my father's passing -- I thought, what better way to celebrate his life than to do 30 shows for the 30 years he's been gone?" The show is said to be quite a spectacle, featuring Led Zeppelin's catalog of course, and giant screens that will display art, home movies, and photos. He mentions that his inspiration came from witnessing the Beatles tribute Rain. "I loved Rain and its take on The Beatles,” notes Bonham. “The way they used a timeline and news reel to create a mood, and crafted set changes throughout, it was stunning.” In a final word on the tour, Bonham noted, “I remember when I went to see Led Zeppelin live in 1979 at Knebworth, there were certain songs that stood out to me and will stay with me forever. I will also share other big moments in my life, time with my Dad and my relationship with the band. The show is far from being ‘just another tribute band’. I want to make the show as personal as I can and show how much Led Zeppelin means to me.” The dates will be announced in the coming weeks.

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