‘Lost’ Star Jorge Garcia (aka Hurley) Joins Weezer Onstage

By 11

Power pop stalwart Weezer has been putting out new records at a reasonably fast clip for the past few years, with this year’s Hurley being their third release in the past three years. And while Hurley offers up more of the tried-and-true crunchy-guitar pop fans have come to love, the record has gained a good deal of press over its title, explicitly named after Jorge Garcia’s character in the recently-ended TV drama Lost (and, confirmed by the album’s cover, featuring a close-up shot of Garcia’s smiling face). And while the title has kicked up a fair share of controversy (after it was revealed the name might be in reference to a marketing deal with Hurley brand jeans), the band decided to prove their dedication by inviting Jorge Garcia himself on stage with them during a Sept. 21st show. Sure, it might be viewed as a bit of a marketing ploy, but the band seemed to be in fine form and Garcia himself was energetic, introducing “Hash Pipe” and singing a duet with singer/songwriter Rivers Cuomo during “Perfect Situation.” Which would make this the best rock band/TV star collaboration since… well, what else IS there?


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