Pearl Jam Readies New Live Album

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Pearl Jam has announced that its new live album will be ready for release by January 18th, 2011. The new album, titled “Live On Ten Legs,” will be songs compiled from the last seven years of touring. This album promises a good array of songs from the band’s entire career. The live album is part of the band’s twentieth anniversary year, which covers the 2003-2010 tours. The songs were captured by John Burton, the band’s recording engineer, and have been mixed and mastered by longtime band engineer Brett Eliason. The album follows the band’s last live release, “Live On Two Legs” which came out in 1998 and featured performances recorded throughout that year. Check out the video below for a little trailer for the new album: Tracklisting for "Live On Ten Legs": 1. “Arms Aloft” 2. “World Wide Suicide” 3. “Animal” 4. “Got Some” 5. “State Of Love And Trust” 6. “I Am Mine” 7. “Unthought Known” 8. “Rearview Mirror” 9. “The Fixer” 10. “Nothing As It Seems” 11. “In Hiding” 12. “Just Breathe” 13. “Jeremy” 14. “Public Image” 15. “Spin The Black Circle” 16. “Porch” 17. “Alive” 18. “Yellow Ledbetter


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